Essay Samples on Stem Cell

Cardiomygenic Regeneration via Stem Cells

Heart diseases arising out of abnormalities in cardiac muscles and vessels are surpassing any other cause of death throughout the globe. Almost half of the CVD crop up in Asia. Consequently, Asian countries have higher death rate from stroke as compared to western world. Although,…

The War on Stem Cell Research

The argument on stem cell research has largely been framed as an ethical matter. Should research be allowed to undercut gods work since embryos are considered humans? Supporters emphasize the societal and therapeutic benefits of stem cell research. Stadelmann D, Torgler B (2017) Stem cell…

The Contreversy Surrounding Stem Cells

What if I told you there existed a cure for diseases such as Cancer, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, and HIV and such a cure exists right now. Odds are, you would be in favor for such a remedy that could eradicate the ominous suffering of millions worldwide….

The Ethics of Stem Cells

Over the last few years, stem cell use in modern medicine has seen an increase in popularity, one that it has never seen before. This is due to the relative ease at which it can be carried out these days, and the increase in number…

Abortions and Stem Cell Research

Introduction In last few years to reduce abortions serious efforts are being made by preparing new legislations by government and which made abortion to be extended or included in “Personhood” legislation, which means Human life starts with fertilization of embryo. On national level there are…

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