Essay Samples on Applied Sciences

Technological Innovations And Medical Practice 

INTRODUCTION With technology, the past decade has been a revelation. We’ve got tech developers breaking new grounds, doing what we’d have once thought impossible. For engineers, researchers and developers, it seems the question to ask now is; how can it be done instead of if...

Radio: History Review of Creating and First Usage

A radio is a machine that is producing or receiving inaudible waves, and that transforms it into a sound that human beings can understand. The range of the band is from 87.5 to 108 MHz. It is intended to be received directly by the public...

Bicycle Made of Plastic Waste Review

Our team had the idea of creating a bicycle that is made out of plastic wastes and also include a built-in energy pack that is removable so that it can act as a power bank to charge any electrical appliances such as mobile phones. By...

Prevention Engineer From Corruption and Unethical Behavior

Many people use ‘corruption’ and ‘fraud’ interchangeably. The present paper asserts that these two terms need to be used distinctly. ‘Corruption’ takes place in the form of bribery, kickbacks, commissions, or other benefits without leaving any trace in the official record. In their professional work,...

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