Essay Samples on Applied Sciences

Comparison Between Electric Fan And Air Conditioner

Environmental condition is very affecting human’s life. Environmental condition is everything which is surrounding us. One of the examples is the air temperature. That’s why the right temperature can easily affect on human productivity, by stabilizing the human body temperature. If their body temperature too…

History Of Evolution Of The Modern Computers

There are some aspects you just can’t live without. These include food, water, air and many more. One the most commonly used and important is the computer which most people don’t acknowledge. They are everywhere mobile phones, fridges, washing machines, cars and practically all around…

Importance Of Air Conditioning In Gold Coast 

Gold Coast is an area covering a part of east coast near Brisbane and this region suffers from extreme weather conditions throughout the year. During summer, the scorching heat constantly tortures the residents while in winter, it is the exact opposite. Winter comes with a…

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