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Significance of Biotechnology as a Tool for Improving Life on Earth

Biotechnology is the use of biology specifically utilizing biological systems or living organisms to solve and analyzed scientific knowledge in which its processes is to develop technologies and products that help improve the society and the health of our planet. Biotechnology belongs to the interdisciplinary...

Agritech: Transforming Farming Practices for a Sustainable Future

Agricultural biotechnology, otherwise called agritech, is an area of agricultural science including the utilization of logical apparatuses and methods, including hereditary designing, atomic markers, sub-atomic diagnostics, immunizations, and tissue culture, to adjust living life forms: plants, creatures, and microorganisms. Crop biotechnology is one part of...

Robotic Surgery: Medical Treatment Through Precision and Innovation

“Meet your next surgeon:DR. Robot” said by famous writer Ryan Bradley. Robotic surgery is one of the new medical treatments across the world that has enabled robots to perform surgeries, and allow patients to recover faster. The technology has enabled surgeons to become more accurate...

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