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Ruth Benedict: Shaping Anthropology through Cultural Relativism

The essay will assess Ruth Benedict’s contribution to anthropology, including how important her exploration into culture and personality was because it led to her most important work in abnormalities. It will explore criticism about the incommensurability of cultures and “the savage slot”, which is captured...

Early Biological and Physical Anthropology Role in Anthropology

Early biological and physical anthropology are both a branch of Anthropology, it is the study of human evolution and development to environmental stressors. In this essay both early biological and physical anthropology will be discussed to achieve a better understanding of these concepts. This essay...

History and Implications of Educational Anthropology in India

Anthropology is the study of humans, their cultures and societies. It is the study of the others or the unfamiliar, the unfamiliar is made familiar and brought to the forefront by anthropologist. Anthropology is subdivided into four main categories: archaeological; biological; linguistics; cultural. Anthropology in...

MGH301 Epidemiology and Biostatistics with Special Reference to Social Epidemiology

The process of understanding how to include social epidemiological theories into a project can be met with a lot of complexities. Methods which can even provide the most evidenced based on other health interventions is often inappropriate when issues such as mental illness is under...

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