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Broken Windows Theory: The Vicious Cycle Of Civil Disorder

Before the development of theories that focused on a lack of civil order in communities, law enforcement agencies tended to focus more on serious crimes. The police force, for example, would attend to those crimes which were considered to be more severe and consequential for...

The Broken Windows and Other Theories Used for Crime Explanation

Kimmel and Aronson outline the 4 major theories of crime. They also consider the explanations of why the United States has such a high crime rate. Crime is an act that is illegal and that breaks a group norm. An example would be a homicide....

Stun Devices Usage by Police Is Attributed to the Broken Windows Theory

What Is Broken Windows Theory Stun device usage by the police can partially be attributed to the Broken Windows Theory. Broken Windows Theory is a theory that seeks to explain the causation behind various actions. The theory essentially states that an initial action can spark...

Society Creates Criminals: The Broken Windows and Other Theories That Explain Crimes

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The nature vs nurture argument is one of the biggest theories as to why people commit a crime. The nature argument is that criminals are born and biological explanations tell us that criminal activity is a form of illness and it’s the idea that criminals...

Community Policing as an Outcome of the Broken Windows and Other Theories

This paper will explore a brief history of community policing, reasons necessitating its creation, as examples of implementation across the United States, and its impact on race relations with police. History of Community Policing Two Models of Policing In the late 1960s, with an increase...

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