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Somali Piracy: How To Protect Ships

Piracy is an illegal activity that is done through boats by assaulting other boats to steal cargo and other expensive goods on coastal areas. It is believed that sea piracy was established when human started using the sea for trading. Piracy consists of kidnapping for...

Global Warming Affected Hurricane Katrina

Hurricanes are tropical storms that are formed over the North Atlantic Ocean and the Northeast pacific. Hurricane Katrina was a Category 5 hurricane that made landfall on Florida and Louisiana in August 2005, causing catastrophic damages, especially in the city of New Orleans and the...

Panama - Relations with Central America

Panama is a country located in North as well as in South America, which makes it a transcontinental country. Panama’s adjacent countries contain Costa Rica and Colombia. Furthermore, the land boarders the Pacific Ocean in the south and Caribbean Sea in the north (Panama 2020)....

Plastic Pollution In The Ocean And How It Affects Earth

Plastic pollution is happening 24/7 and people don’t even think twice about it. Plastic is everywhere when we walk outside it’s by the trash, under our porch, in our yard, and some may be under our houses sinking into our environment. Plastic is also clogging...

The Increasing Plastic Pollution In The Ocean

Introduction Proposal writing on the impact caused by waste disposal in the oceans on marine life and the possible mitigations about the effects and recommendations of the future prevention and conservation of marine life. The world waters cover over 50% of the earth’s surface, and...

Characteristics of the Different Whale Types

This project is about analyzing whales and how there specific features like length may make them more endangered compared to other whales species Gray whale Gray whales can reach length up to 46 ft or 14 meters Males whales are slightly smaller than females. The...

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