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History of the Paleontology and Dinosaur Fossil Discoveries

In the 1900 the world of giants was very much unknown to many. As huge gigantic bones were discovered around the world the initial thought was that these bones had belonged to the giants that were spoken about in the bible, however this was not...

The Negative Impact of Dinosaur Fossil Trading

Fossils are the remains of an organism that lived in the past and through time, have been preserved. Fossils are very important because they provide information about the past. This information can demonstrate how organisms lived thousands and even millions of years ago. Scientists can...

Diseases Present in the Dinosaur´s Bodies

Dinosaurs remain to transfix us. Every now and then, we discover a petrifaction that reveals some new facts about their lives—for example, their diets, injuries, or habitats. However, some fossils also reveal proof of diseases that feigned dinosaurs. Yes, these animals had their own illnesses,...

Research Review Paper: The Reason Dinosaur´s Feathers Evolved?

Growing up, I have always been interested in dinosaurs, loving movies such as Jurassic Park as a child, and bonding with my family by watching Animal Planet and NOVA specials on evolution and especially human and dinosaur evolution. At one point in my life, I...

Palaeopathology Between Marine Reptiles And Non-Avian Dinosaurs

An introduction to palaeopathology The study of ancient, traumatic injuries and diseases is known as Palaeopatholgy. Through examining the fossil record, palaeopathologists can gather information on the behaviour, lifestyle and general paleobiology of extinct animals, which can be used to explain similar physiological or morphological...

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