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Doubt as a Key to Mathematical Knowledge

In my arabic culture, doubt, especially when directed at supperiors, is considered extremely disrespectful. In contrast the proverb, “Doubt is the key to knowledge” indicates that doubt should be looked at in a positive light and specifically as a way of knowing. However doubt is...

The Application of Persistence and Perseverance in Mathematics

All children can benefit from studying and developing strong skills in mathematics. Primarily, learning mathematics improves problem-solving skills, and working through problems can teach persistence and perseverance. Mathematics is essential in daily life for such activities as counting, cooking, managing money, and building things. Beyond...

The Essence of Mathematics and Its Significance Towards the Behavior of Nature and Phenomena in the World

Introduction Mathematics plays an integral part in our daily living, because everything we see, touch, and feel you can’t hide the fact that there is a math involved. Earth doesn’t appear how it looks today if scientists, don’t compute or used mathematics in making our...

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