Beauty Is The Creation Of Mathematics

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“You are beautiful no matter what they say words can’t bring you down, Oh no, You are beautiful in every single way yes words can’t bring you down, Oh no, so don’t you bring me down today”, sang by Christina Aguilera. I love this song because it shows that everyone is beautiful in their own way. It is a song about respecting the fact that you are beautiful no matter what happens and also it is a song about how beautiful you are inside and outside. A song that talks about we are all beautiful in our own way and we just need to believe in ourselves and be proud about it. Beauty, as its definition given by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts in the mind or spirit. Then, According to Jolyn Knew, the ability of advertisements is to transform wants into needs. People, especially females, turn victim to the idealistic, and possibly, heavily doctored images of women in advertisement campaigns.

The power of advertisements transforms seemingly boring products into highly desirable ones. Without advertisements, products are just a normal entity, a self-defining stimulus, something that we might just walk past in a local retail store without even realizing it. Just like how any bottle of facial cleanser becomes more anticipated when your favorite K-pop idol is the brand ambassador for it. Everyone sets standards of beauty and there should be some characteristics to determine what makes you beautiful. Social media set unrealistic beauty ideas by advertisement about beauty products, whitening and dieting products. These advertisements can be found and seen on our phones, tarpaulins, television and in magazine endorsed by celebrities. These advertisements sets standard that we must improve the way we look in order to be accepted by the society. We, women, have been known for experiencing about body images. With social media, we see post about the ideal beauty and sexy images which women cause to diet but sometimes this diet can be diagnosed with an eating disorder and sometime can cause mental disorders. Then, mathematics is defined as a science, science that deals with the logics of shapes and quantity as well as arrangements.

Lastly, I believe in the beauty of mathematics. I do not see mathematics as a cold and impersonal set of immutable laws; I believe in her beauty. I see the infinite union of logic and human ingenuity she represents. I see her as the universal language shared throughout all of mankind. I see mathematics as elegance and beauty in their purest forms. Many people think that mathematics is not easy to understand and it’s not my favorite subject but can mathematics really create beauty?. What it is that makes mathematics beautiful. Our human eyes is into objects or things that are equal, even, balanced and perfectly proportioned. Think of the objects that are equal buildings, the spiral of a sea shell and the Egyptian pyramids.

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Also faces of people that have perfect dimensions. Then there goes a study about perfection. A great mathematician Leonardo Bonacci wrote a very famous book which is “Liber Abaci” to describe the mathematics he learned. He was able to guess the numbers of rabbits that will appear in a pen after leaving a pair in a year, assuming that no rabbit will die, this sequence is called Fibonacci’s sequence. This sequence is done by adding two consecutive numbers to achieve the next one. After many years, this sequence is disapproved and criticized by other great mathematicians but there are no flaws notice in this sequence. Through years, after some studying it by other mathematicians they notice that this sequence can create another set of patterns then Fibonacci sequence is considered beautiful. For example a flower, of course flower is beautiful but maybe the color that makes it attractive and beautiful but if we count and notice the number of petals that is the one that make it’s beautiful. Everything that has a pattern of Fibonacci sequence is considered beautiful. Everything that is equal is considered beautiful. In relation, way back 300 B.C they said that Fibonacci sequence is connected to the Golden Ratio. According to mathematicians ancient Greeks and Egyptians, the elements of perfection is a ratio. The Greek mathematician Euclid defines the golden ratio as a proportion used to describe two things, mathematically similar. The golden ratio is known as Phi (θ) and it is approximately equal to 1.618.

If you will notice the quotient that you will achieve after dividing the two consecutive number of the said sequence. Even the last digits of the quotients are different, the first four digits will be the same. This Golden ratio used to say that add the attractiveness of an item that containing it. It is a irrational number and has a infinite number of decimal places but will never repeats itself. Mathematics create beauty not only in things but also to our environment to be orderly arranged. Mathematics can help us to improve our critical thinking, problem-solving ability and creativity. Think of our world without mathematics, there would be no balance, even and proportioned things. We did not realize that even we hate mathematics we use it all the time. We use it to know the time, if our transportation fair change is right and even in our electricity and water bill consumption.

Mathematics is surrounding us even we don’t know. Mathematics help us people to be proportionally balance and the world cannot move an inch without mathematics. Everything we see and touch is created by mathematics like our phones and appliances .Without mathematics there would be no numbers. Numbers that help us in our day to day basis and numbers to calculate in our calculator. Numbers help us to be proportionally balance in our life that makes us also beautiful. Mathematics creates beauty.

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