Mathematics Is Not Just About Numbers, It’s Also About Beauty

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It has been said that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” for which many may believe is correct, but for some individuals does not accept this quotation. Yes, many may have their differences when it comes to preferences of foods, clothing, gadgets and many more. People have their own level of standards. That means one thing or person can be beautiful in someone’s naked eye. But it must now be learned to appreciate even the smallest things. Because today is the era where beauty is everywhere which will be proven by numbers. Mathematics can be a pain in the head and difficult to understand but it must be known that even a certain subject can make something beyond beautiful. As many years passed by, continuous upgrade of technology improved in the society. Never knew a single system or technology can help billions of people. Of course, by means of technology how did this even occur in the first place?

Many have experienced in high school and senior high school years, technology was a form of coding mixed with numbers. Some certain system cannot function without its corresponding formula made or discovered by geniuses. However, it takes a lot of numbers just for a system to operate efficiently. When technology takes place, inventions like gadgets and computers will come through. Gadgets such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and iPad which are operated and manipulated again by coding of numbers that helps the society to communicate by sending messages and by calling. Other than that, the society could be able to search or browse in websites and can also use social medias like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google and any more. These are the tools for the population for schools wherein the people get to search for something or the meaning of a certain term or topic. Aside from school, it can all be useful for work purposes in making of presentations, projects and generating new ideas. With just the help of numbers operated by the system, every individual can be able to search, communicate, be updated and innovate something. Knowing that technology and gadgets were evident in the society, let most people not forget from where each person is standing and living at the same time. The buildings and structures which can be found and visible everywhere.

Another man made creations with the help of numbers as well. Many Asian and European countries have lots of buildings that is tall, popular and some considered as tallest buildings in the world, even in the Philippines, Filipinos are inspired to present their own. They were also popular because of unique and their size as well because of the measurements and calculations conducted by architects and engineers. With the help of numbers, many can design and build their own house or can even establish a place if anyone is about to start a business. It shows that many can notice, the nature is beautiful but buildings are also a good view as well, by just the sight of its structures. Buildings can beautify the surroundings especially when at night time, whether one might be travelling on the ground or up in the atmosphere, it is visible to see the light it gives, appreciating and complementing the night’s beauty.

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Mathematics is not just about numbers but art and creativity as well. Not everyone understands, but number is the language of Mathematics, not any language used in every country. A subject that is in relation with every other subject. Mathematics is a versatile piece of art that could be connected with everything that can also connects people. Every little thing can be connected with Mathematics. They say that English is the universal language but as for what may be seen, Mathematics is the real universal language because numbers are present everywhere even in flowers, counting the petals of it, the fur of animals, measuring the weight, size and calculations of something, the days or years of a certain plant, tree, animal or even fossils and many more. A broad aspect of everything. Even in other subjects, Mathematics is present too, just like in Science. It also contains Mathematics. Calculating the billion light years, carbon dating, genetic calculations, knowing the neutrons and electrons of an element, concentrating chemicals and such. Everyone sees that Science is amazing but not everyone realizes it’s all formulated because of Mathematics. Without the formulation originally coming from Mathematics, Science experiments would not be that successful. It was like Mathematics was a twin sister or brother for anything and everyone, additionally, it also serves as a foundation even in the tiniest molecule that ever existed by getting the mass and atomic number.

Mathematics let every individual to think thoroughly for them not just to emit creativity but to enhance their thinking capacity as well, for which results of being able to understand things or theories that everybody is not noticing. Knowledge of Mathematics itself by sharing insights to one another. Individuals especially professionals with knowledge of Mathematics, teaching or enhancing students to produce equipped individuals not just for the society but for the future as well. Being able to be productive and efficient brought the beauty itself and the salvation of mankind, for which some overpower others by using enhanced and advanced thinking aspects. Mathematics is knowledge that acts as a complete serving of dish like a main course of a fine dining restaurants.

As everyone may conclude, Mathematics is not just plain numbers or aren’t just pure and full of numbers. Maybe some does not understand the purpose and nature of Mathematics, but if one looks closely or try to understand it very well, many will get to appreciate the art, creativity and the beauty it brings not just to a certain group of people, not just in a certain place, not just in nature and a certain ecosystem but everywhere even in the galaxy. Mathematics is like a human being too, it has its own life conducted by the people specifically professionals, used in anything, and being expound from tiny up to humongous wide aspect of knowledge.

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