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Pit Bulls: Should They Be Banned

When people hear the word pitbull one of two things comes to mind. One, Pitbulls are dangerous and need to be gone, or two, Pitbulls are misunderstood and sweet. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course, but unless hard facts are found to...

Border Collie - A Famous Pooch Breed

Beginning in the nineteenth century on the periphery among Scotland and England, the Border Collie was named after their zone. This pooch breed is prized for their extraordinary gathering limits of a creatures. Today, the Border Collie is a standard develop worker, family accomplice and...

Chihuahua - A Little Pooch Breed

This pooch breed is the littlest everything being equal. The Chihuahua has the pleasure of being the most established breed in America. They were named after the Chihuahua locale in Mexico. It is trusted this dropped from an antiquated breed that was bigger in measure...

Chow Chows -A Pooch Breed Started In China

This antiquated pooch breed started in China over 2000 years prior. The Chow is a universally handy breed that was utilized for chasing, crowding, pulling and assurance. This breed is regularly alluded to as “the Chow”, and today are utilized essentially as partner pooches. This...

The Thai Ridgeback - An Old Breed From Thailand

While at the same time generally obscure, the Thai Ridgeback is really an old breed from Thailand. They were known as “truck following canines”, yet the name was changed because of the unmistakable edge of hair on their back like the Rhodesian. The breed going...

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