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Green Chemistry Processes To Reduce Production'S Negative Impact

The world production of industrial and biological waste is constantly increasing. Undoubtedly, recycling programs and an improvement of industrial efficiency have brought certain positive results, but not enough to compensate for the dramatic global waste growth. Therefore, new waste recycling and recovery technologies are needed....

Nanoscale Zero Valent Metals (NZVMs)

Nanoscale zero valent metals (NZVMs), i.e. Fe, Ni, Cu, Co, Ag, Au, etc., with significantly strong chemical reducibility, high efficiency, and large specific surface have the most promising applications in environmental processes compared to zero valent metals (ZVMs) . In fact, the percentage of atoms...

Alternative Solutions For Sustainable Environment

Colours, which have fascinated us for their sheer beauty and aesthetics, are now becoming functional and an integral part of our continuing understanding. Colours and our ability to produce them from a variety of materials, organic or inorganic, natural or synthetic continue to fascinate scientists....

Analysis Of Antibacterial Activity Of ZnO

ZnO is a potential antimicrobial agent that was investigated earlier. ZnO in various forms shows various antimicrobial properties against different pathogens. A major problem for achieving efficient rate in these applications is a quick recombination rate of photo induced charge carriers. To overcome this problem,...

Overview Of Common Applications Of ZnO

ZnO has got a wide array of applications. The reactivity of ZnO makes it ideal to be used as a precursor for getting supplementary compounds of Zn. ZnO has showed be a boon for materials science because it has combination of unique properties like antimicrobial...

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