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Organic Chemistry and Its Societal Issues: Animal Care Products

Animal care develops and provides pharmacological animal health services and products to assist veterinary profession. Under animal welfare is animal care. Animals have welfare needs and pet owners must supply the needs of their pets most especially when it comes to their health, which is...

How Shemistry Influenced the History and Presentation of Art

Chemistry is everywhere in our life. Of course, chemistry is also closely related to art. There are many forms of art, such as oil painting, gouache, watercolor and so on. These painting forms are inseparable from products such as pigments and watercolors, which are based...

Analytical Chemistry: Three Methods of Compound Determination

Analytical chemistry is the science of determining what matter is and how it exists through instruments and techniques which separate, identify and quantify matter, overall determining the structure of the compound. There are three techniques that can be used to determine a compound. These techniques...

Medicinal Chemistry: The Importance of Building Blocks

Organic building blocks are organic molecules which are well-furnished, the basic components for organic synthesis. They are used for bottom-up modular assembly of molecular architectures such as supra-molecular complexes, metal-organic frameworks, organic molecular constructs, and nanoparticles. In medicinal chemistry, they are selected for the use...

The Current State-of-the-Arts of Redox Chemistry

Introduction to electrochemistry and photochemistry Nowadays, redox chemistry is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily society. From OLED technology to medicinal treatment advances, the science behind these breakthroughs is becoming fundamental in how we view our world, and how we innovate for the...

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