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The Current State-of-the-Arts of Redox Chemistry

Introduction to electrochemistry and photochemistry Nowadays, redox chemistry is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily society. From OLED technology to medicinal treatment advances, the science behind these breakthroughs is becoming fundamental in how we view our world, and how we innovate for the...

Ionic And Covalent Bonds In The Periodic Table

There are many Different ways to distinguish molecular compounds from ionic bonds. First of all, we half to talk about what these 2 bonds are. An ionic compound is defined as one or more cations paired up with one or more anions, And A molecular...

Breaking Down The Periodic Table And The Effect Of Salt

Salt has been used to keep road safe during the inclement weather for many decades. Even the salt you used while you are cooking and eating, you can use outside on the sidewalks and roads. Salt can help the roads be safer for driving. It...

Bromine: The Element On The Periodic Table

Throughout the Periodic table elements has been implemented into in our daily lives and today needs. Anything you could think of is made out of atoms. In the periodic table elements is organized by its atomic number, or an equal number of protons and neutrons...

The Invention Of A Periodic Table

Ever since the first grade, Dmitri Mendeleev has been my hero. When I first saw the periodic table, I was in awe; the colors, the patterns, the symmetric shape—everything mesmerized me. Ever since that moment, the periodic table has defined the way I live. Just...

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