Bromine: The Element On The Periodic Table

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Throughout the Periodic table elements has been implemented into in our daily lives and today needs. Anything you could think of is made out of atoms. In the periodic table elements is organized by its atomic number, or an equal number of protons and neutrons in a nucleus. These elements are also set up by if they are metals or nonmetals and based on how similar their properties are (groups). Every single element on the periodic table has its own special properties. Without it could bring a disruption to life on earth.

Bromine is one of the elements on the Periodic table that is used in the daily lives of individuals. In the year of 1825 to 1826 the element bromine was discovered independently by two chemists Antoine Ballard and Carl Jacob Löwig from an attraction from water. Bromine can be used in many different ways from poisonous gas in world war 1 to film in photography to being a detergent in swimming pools. Legends say potassium bromide was added in the meals and tea of the British Military to overcome the soldiers certain physical urges in WW1. Developing a great risk sense the sides effects could make the soldiers less attentive and focus. Bromine also is used in a variety of plastic as a way to help make them less flammable, such as tablets, phones, televisions etc. all these electronics most like have a layer of plastic over it. Another use of bromine is being an alternative to chlorine in hot tubs. Since bromine can handle heat better than chlorine it doesn’t break down as fast. Studies show that hot tub owner experience less skin irritation that chlorine.

On the periodic table Bromine is classified as a halogen, which is an electron away from being a noble gas. Since it’s so close to become an element in which it doesn’t react with any other element or contains ALL 8 valence electrons it has a very high electronegativity. The element Bromine is only liquid NON METAL out of the whole periodic table. Containing a reddish orange gas and a distant smell. The name Bromine was inspired from the Greek word “bromo” which mean stench. If a human being is inappropriately exposed by Bromine ( brominism) he or she could risk drowsiness, psychosis, seizures, or delirium. If it was touch in taken skin it could lead to apprehensive chemical burns and treated special care in a medical facility. This element is very unique from its chemical properties and without could a hard risk to society. Bromine is very essential to everyday society. Researchers have found that Bromine is one of the key opponents for the creation of tissues in all living animals from human beings to sea animals.

With bromine being a liquid and a high vapor pressure bromine have a tendency to convert in it gas phases easily. In which it will make it hard to store in more containers. The best way to store this element is by using glass ampules, although in order to use the bromine the glass have to be broken and use all at once.The element bromine is a necessary element in the periodic table in which it have a grand effect on everyday society.

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