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War Horse: The Animal Stories in World Wars

The movie War Horse came out on December 25, 2011. The majority of the movie occurred during the first World War. The beginning of the movie is not about the first World War, but it does eventually start talking about the war. One of the...

A Comparison of the Skulls of a Lion and Horse

An animal’s skull is a highly diversified part of the body. It has evolved over thousands of years to suit the creatures eating habits, sensory organs, teeth and many other systems. Because of this skulls of different animals vary wildly, particularly those who have different...

Issue Of Animal Cruelty: Horse Abuse Must Be Stopped

Imagine a cantering horse getting lunged with a long blue rope connected to the horses halter that is red on the horses head. Getting lunged by it trainer in an outside arena when it 89 degrees with pale brown dirt. Then you see white foam...

Horse Riding Activity And Benefits It Has For Your Health

Ever ridden a horse? Ever felt the wind whip through your hair as you galloped at full speed through an open field? If you have then you know the freeing feeling that goes along with it. The sensation of flying that encompasses you leaving you...

For Whom Horse Therapy Is Intended

Imagine being a little child who is paralyzed or who has a mental disability. Someone who will always have to have a person to help them. Horse therapy helps them gain confidence in themselves and trust in others. This form of therapy helps the patient...

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