Essay Samples on Language Diversity

The Connection of Code-Switching and Bilingualism

Code-switching is the ability for bilinguals to alternate their linguistic codes in the same conversation. Through this definition, code-switching evolved in research on different types of code-switching. These can include code-switching as being a sentence filler, expressing an attitude, and being appropriate with grammar (Toribio,…

Cultural Diversity: Stereotypes and Prejudices

The relationship between culture and group dynamics is carefully captured by using Hofstede’s (1984) four types of culture namely: power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism and masculinity, as well as, elements that contributes to culture norms, status and politics. Hence, the focus of this essay will…

The Impact Of Language On Identity

Our tongue possesses the ability to express intimate thoughts and convey emotions. The cornerstone of communication is language, for without it, self-expression would be humdrum. The author of “Mother Tongue”, Amy Tan along with Eudora Welty who penned “One Writer’s Beginnings” evolved into extraordinary writers…

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