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The Significance of Slang in the Social Media World

Reflection After learning through all the lecture video, document film, and class discussion, I gained a better comprehensive understanding of sociolinguistics, which made me think deeply about what actually impacted our ways to talk, to speak, and to communicate. The Power of Slang Slang provides...

The Morphology and Syntax of Common Slangs & Jargon Around the World

There are many different words around the world that have different pronunciations and dialects, each place in the world have their own dialects and pronunciation of the words differ from a place to another, so most of the times we can differentiate between people and...

The Use of Pinoy Slang in the Philippines

The Philippine language Tagalog is declared and proclaimed by President Quezon in Executive Order No. 134, s 1937 that is based on the Tagalog dialect. Overtime, due to the vast number of immigrants that has brought great influence in different aspects of Filipino living, the...

Gender Analysis on Slang: Swear Use Among University Students

As cited in the study of Amir & Azisah (2017), Crowley & Himmelweit (1994) stated that ‘gender’ refers to the way, in particular society, people are socially constructed to behave and experience themselves as ‘women’ or ‘men’. Although all societies appear to treat women and...

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