Essay Samples on Linguistics

The Meaning And Concept Of Argument

What Makes an Argument an Argument? The purpose of an argument is to persuade others into believing what you may be asserting or claiming. This can mean that you do not need an argument if you are just describing something, explaining how something works or…

Research Of Time Deixis And Temporal Adverbs

Introduction “Could you put it next to the lamp, over there…look at my finger”. Even though every single word in this sentence is clear and understandable, a listener wouldn’t be able to work out the entire meaning of it. In this case “my” refers to…

What Is Semiotics

What is semiotics? Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation, it investigates how meaning is both created and how it is communicated. Semiotics and linguistic studies were founded by Ferdinand de Saussure alongside Charles Sanders Peirce, de Saussure was…

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