Examples Of Ignorance Is A Bliss And Origin Of The Word

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The word Bliss originates from German and Middle English language and associates with extreme happiness and joy. To feel Bliss literally means to be in the state of ecstasy or in spiritual joy. The meaning of the word can also be represented as a metaphor for simple situations and events which causes people a state of higher happiness. Moreover, the term does not illustrate everything that makes you smile, but it demonstrates an introvert state of gratification. Except for the original meaning of the word, it is used in the phrase 'Ignorance is bliss' which explains situations when you feel happier not knowing the truth. Although the lack of knowledge is not a great thing, the phrase is humorous and does not literally mean Bliss.

There are many similar words to Bliss such as Pleasure. But how then the word Bliss differentiates from the word Pleasure? The word Pleasure is a mental state connected with positive emotions and happiness which help people alleviate the pain. Although the definitions of both words are almost identical, Bliss is different from Pleasure by expressing stronger feelings of satisfaction and ecstasy. For example, suppose you have received an excellent grade. This situation leads to an ephemeral feeling of happiness which is mostly associated with pleasure and cannot be considered as Bliss. The definition of Bliss represents situations of high satisfaction which help you escape from the obscure daily life and transmit you in diverse dimensions.

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Being described as a magical state of the mind, the word represents many personal points of view and can be associated with ordinary events that provoke higher satisfaction. For example, imagine that you are on the top of a mountain watching the sunrise by yourself. You are staring at the golden sun, rising from the hills, and feeling the cold, fresh air touching your skin. Standing calmly and in harmony, this magic view makes you feel like you are on the top of the world. This situation may provoke an extraordinary kind of feeling associated with happiness and joy at the same time. Such a particular situation can be represented as Bliss because you may have seen the sunrise many times but you have never felt the same way doing it.

Not only associates with higher joy but also does it illustrate the feeling of blooming love. Love is one of the miracles of our world, a feeling which may cause Bliss millions of times because of the magic and the unconditional happiness which connects both of the lovers. For example, the temptation for love and pure happiness of Elisaveta to Ivo can be described as Bliss in the Bulgarian short novel “The Peach Thief”. At the beginning of the piece, the young lady is a beautiful woman deprived of happiness and love as a result of her maternal marriage. Her only salvation from this obscurity is her pure love to Ivo, a Serbian soldier. Both of the lovers transmit into their own dimension where only love and temptation exist. The author describes their story as magic which enchants both heroes who are willing to sacrifice their lives in the name of their mutual satisfaction and love. The term Bliss is exactly demonstrated by the inexpressible state of happiness and desire for love affection which helps them escape from the real world.

The term Bliss can also present the feeling of fulfilling your most sacred desires and dreams because they are synonyms of happiness. Have you heard the phrase that a girl's greatest dream is to get married and has a family? In fact, every girl dreams of wearing a Bridal dress as she used to dream to become a princess in its childhood. Although many people directly refer a wedding to a Bliss, the little moments such as the walking to wedding altar or having your first dance with your husband are the little moments that make the whole ceremony unique and blissful.

Illustrated as a mental state of higher happiness, the word participates in the phrase 'Ignorance is bliss'. How does ignorance associate with this state of mind causing satisfaction and joy? In fact, there is a great connection between both words because not knowing the unpleasant truth can make you feel happier. For example, a situation called “Ignorance is bliss” can be a man who does not even suspend that his wife is cheating on him. Unfortunately, such a big lie does not remain hidden for a long time and the man is not going to be happy when he understands the truth. Another example which clarifies this phrase is parents who strongly believe that their child is studying while it parties and drinks alcohol with friends. In addition, the parents will be definitely happier when they do not know about the bad behavior of their child. Instead of presenting the real meaning of Bliss, the phrase represents the humorous and contradictory version of the term.

In conclusion, experiencing the state of Bliss is indescribable because of the personal situations which provoke high happiness and joy. Every person can feel the magic of this mental state through simple moments spent with their lover. Unconditional love and wedding ceremonies are represented as unique and blissful parts of your life. Being described as a state of great satisfaction, the term also takes a humorous meaning in the phrase “Ignorance is Bliss” where it shows how you can be happy of not realizing the truth.

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