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The Kawa Model: Occupational Therapy Practice Model

History The Kawa Model was developed by a group of Japanese occupational therapists in response to a need for an occupational therapy practice model that was useful and appropriate in the Japanese culture (Iwama, 2003, 2005, 2006). Occupational therapy practitioners in Japan have struggled to…

The Conceptual Model of Transition-Self

The relationship between self-concept and consumers product choices has been studied intensely by marketing researchers. Consumers chose products not just for their functional use but also for their symbolic meaning (Belk, 1988). Products can convey a consumer’s personality (Belk et. al 1982; Bem 1972; Tucker…

Business Model and Strategy Lead to Success

The term “business model” has acquired a wide relevance from the early 1990s through the developing technologies, and the foundation of the first internet-based companies which allowed the spread of the information and facilitated the communication (Carlos M. DaSilva, Peter Trkman, 2014). Companies have started…

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