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Establishment Of Community Service Being Mandatory

The moment I saw my classmate struggling to understand some easy algebra concepts, I decided to help them. At the same time, I heard about the Scholars Academy. Scholar Academy is an organization which is established to help students to reinforce education through peer learning,...

The Benefits Of Community Service: Giving Back To The Community

Different people have different reasons for taking up community service programs. Irrespective of one’s circumstances and motives, community service activities have and should help accomplish several goals in an area. However, giving back to the community should not only be about meeting particular personal and...

My Community Service Experience Reflection Paper

If you asked me about my attitude towards community service many years ago, you’d hear the negative answer. I believe that most people have the same opinions on this. Whoever asked you to do something without getting a refund? That was the main reason why...

Community Service as a Tool to Lower Crime Rates

Court-Ordered Service – an Effective Way to Reduce Crime Laws have been put in place to restrict the potential unethical behaviours of citizens. When one breaks a law, there may be severe punishments. Major crimes result in arrest and conviction, possibly a life sentence to...

Responsibility Hidden Behind Community Service

My best friend had an unfortunate tendency to separate people into “us” and “them.” In community service, the dividing line was class. What made me a social worker helping underprivileged children putting food on a plate rather than being one of them who needed to...

Malama Loko Ea Reflections

Last September 15th, 2018, I went on a community service program together with my friends at the Malama Loko e’ a fishpond in North Shore, Hawaii. It was the first community service I have done in that area. We have chosen the place because we...

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