Essay Samples on Career Goals

My Decision To Become A Nurse

September 26, 2003 was the hardest and most impactful day of my life. I was in the second grade when a close family friend suddenly pulled me out of class. I can remember being confused, partly because my mother would never let me skip a…

My Intention To Become A Leader In Education

Dear Aaron,I wanted to take a moment and write a letter to you, myself, in the event that you need to remember what you promised to yourself in the closing moments of the Curriculum Leadership class. Remember, Aaron, that you vowed to be a leader…

Medicine – The Perfect Industry For Me

I was inspired to study Medicine the moment I witnessed a dural splitting craniocervical decompression procedure. I undertook work experience at the Leeds General Infirmary within the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. During work experience, I observed different surgeries, from Paediatric Neurosurgery to Cancer Surgery on…

My Education In The New World

I was so excited to meet my dad after 4 years. My two younger sisters and my mom were also so excited. After living like aliens in our own country, we are finally going have freedom and create our own life. I was finally going…

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