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The Way Robots Will Improve Medicine

As Robotic technologies are revolutionizing many industries in the world, we often come across a question: 'How are robots going to improve medicine?'. Well, telemedicine is undoubtedly the simplest answer to this question. After the first transmission of an ECG, in 1906, advancements in technology...

Improve, Don't Imprison: Treating Inmates as Humans Work

Abstract This research paper investigates the benefits of rehabilitation compared to current criminal justice systems. It emphasizes the real role of a prison which is ameliorating the inmates mentality and trying to change them to be non-violent and active members of the society. It also...

Application Of Videogames To Improve Learning In A Classroom Environment

Inquiry Question: How can videogames be used to improve learning in a classroom environment? Goal:My goal for this project is to create an educational game using a software called Unity. This should allow me to build 2D and 3D environments, as well as simpler button...

What Is Nebula And The Features Of The Nebula Trading Platform

A between connected and regularly coherently sequenced set of work exercises which make an interpretation of contributions to yields to convey something of significant worth for the business as well as the client'. This may well be an extremely wide definition yet it demonstrates that...

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