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Cardiology Practice in Facing Common Billing Challenges

One of the biggest challenges faced by Cardiologists today is striking a balance between financial efficiency and practice management. Recent changes in regulations have contributed to lower reimbursements for Cardiologists. There has been a constant rise in demand for skilled and experienced resources.  Resources that...

Hero Journeys in the Greek Mythology

The creation myth is a symbolic narrative of how the world began and how certain beings came to inhabit it. The Greek mythical version of this narrative was created by the Greeks to explain the things that happen I nature that they could not explain,...

The Faults of Superman and Iron Man

To a great extent, superheroes being regular Joes with faults and how people can achieve success not in spite of their faults, but because of them applies to both Man of Steel & Iron Man. In general, the role and purpose of a superhero is...

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