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Relation Between Positive Attitude And Success

Behind every successful person, there is a positive attitude. Before proving this statement, let us know “what is success?” Success can be defined as the accomplishment of aim or victory or triumph in books and dictionaries. But it can be simply defined as the state...

Attitude as the Sole Foundation of Human Individuality

Human minds ponder multiple kinds of thoughts and values which determine our response towards any entity, environment or event. What we think and believe form our attitude, which shapes our behavior and reaction to the environment. Attitude may be defined as a learned psychological tendency...

The Theory of Attitude Formation and Attitude Change

This essay is going to critically evaluate how attitudes are formed and changed by analyzing theories and research in social psychology and drawing conclusions on which theory is more credible and applicable in everyday life. First and foremost attitude is defined by Petty & Cacioppo...

The Definition of Attitude: Attitude as a Tool for Building Marketing Strategy

Functions of Attitudes Attitude refers to the feeling or an opinion about someone or say something that normally causes a way of behavior in an individual. Attitudes is one of the characters that human beings portray on a daily basis towards life. A good attitude...

People's Attitude To Same-Sex Marriages

The development of Americans' states of mind about same-sex marriage has not one, but rather a few hidden causes. As more gays and lesbians turn out to loved ones, more individuals feel an individual association with the issue. The progression of time allows individuals to...

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