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The Beauty of the Rumassala Jungle Beach

What do you think is the meaning of a jungle beach? Have you ever seen a one? It is actually a beach and at the same time it is a jungle. How could this happen? Usually a jungle belongs to the inside of the land...

Resilience through Biomimicry and Biophilia

In the article “Coastal Geomorphology into the twenty-first century,” authors Wayne Stephenson and Robert Brander explain that in order to create a resilient plan of action, it is important to understand the features that make up a coast. They argue that before we determine “Where...

Reflection On Beach Blanket Bingo Film

The film I watched was Beach Blanket Bingo that was directed by William Asher and was released April 14, 1965. The film begins with Frankie and his group going to the beach when Sugar Kane plans a skydiving publicity stunt for her album. One of...

Where To Go For A Beach Vacation

Are you tired of working? If yes, then you should take a break from work for a while. You can go for a short vacation to somewhere so that you can reduce your stress and anxiety. A vacation is always helpful for us as it...

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