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The Beauty of the Rumassala Jungle Beach

What do you think is the meaning of a jungle beach? Have you ever seen a one? It is actually a beach and at the same time it is a jungle. How could this happen? Usually a jungle belongs to the inside of the land...

Resilience through Biomimicry and Biophilia

In the article “Coastal Geomorphology into the twenty-first century,” authors Wayne Stephenson and Robert Brander explain that in order to create a resilient plan of action, it is important to understand the features that make up a coast. They argue that before we determine “Where...

Where To Go For A Beach Vacation

Are you tired of working? If yes, then you should take a break from work for a while. You can go for a short vacation to somewhere so that you can reduce your stress and anxiety. A vacation is always helpful for us as it...

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