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Chinese New Year Celebration: Lion Dance Performances

Chinese nuances are still felt today. By the way, do you know that one show is always enlivening the Lunar New Year? The answer is lion dance. Yup! The cheap entertainment that emerged and became one of the traditional Chinese arts is indeed enough to...

The Request for Approval on the Chinese New Year

When one mentions Chinese New Year (CNY), it is hard for one to not think of the joy from the numerous Ang Baos received from relatives during house-visiting sessions. Yet, such happiness comes together with the incessant questions, especially about marriage, from our aunts and...

The Peak of Chinese Culture in the Chinese New Year

This research paper aims to compare the Chinese culture with Europe. Especially in terms of business, providing some examples of traditional Chinese norms when you are going to negotiate with a Chinese company that is important to take into account. To continue, with the help...

The Favorite Festival of Everyone, Chinese New Year

If you ask me what is my most favorite festival, of course, it would be the Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, which was the most important festival in China that symbolized the beginning of another brand new year. At this time of the year,...

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