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Celebrating My 18th Birthday: A New Chapter Begins

The day I turned 18 marked a significant milestone in my life—a moment of transition from adolescence to adulthood, from the carefree days of youth to the responsibilities and opportunities that lay ahead. As I stood at the threshold of this new chapter, I couldn't...

Reciprocity Of The Gift And Mauss' Obligation To Reciprocate

Introduction This essay will critically discuss reciprocity of the gift. Firstly, the essay will explain the type of the gift I have received and the relationship between me and the gift giver, the feeling I felt during the moment, how it affected our relationship and...

Effect of Birth Order on Criminality

Introduction Behind every crime large or small question remains the same: why did the criminal do it? To figure out the motivation behind crime, criminal behavior professionals used a variety of resources and techniques to answer this difficult question. They examine the history of crime,...

The Influence of Birth Order On Self-Esteem

Abstract This study aims to investigate whether birth order has any influence on level of self-esteem. A Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale questionnaire was given to each potential participant (n=30) who consent to give their information for research purposes with ensured anonymity in which their identity is...

Heartfelt Birthday Congratulations to the Beloved Person

My love, today is your birthday. A day to be happy and reflective. One of those days when you get presents, get compliments, congratulations, break the cake and gather the whole class to celebrate. This may describe yet another program of the commemoration of this...

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