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Prevention of Car Accidents and Road Injury

Road injury is the most undesirable matter to occur to a street user, even though they occur quite frequently. The unfortunate thing is we do not learn from our errors on street. The majority of the street users are very well aware of the overall...

Car Accident Attorney in Northwest Arkansas Place

Northwest Arkansas (NWA) has been ranked among the nation’s fastest-growing places in the most recent year, and a conservative estimate shows the region should soon be among the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Combine the growing population with the...

Deaths And Injuries Due To Road Accidents In New Delhi

Introduction This problem description belongs to one of the top 3 goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development. Health and wellbeing have thirteen targets to ensure the healthy living and wellbeing of every individual of all ages. Our Problem directly links with the 3rd aim...

Danger on the Road: Why Speed Kills

The topic I chose is why speed kills. Everyday there is an accident and death is involved and every third death is a result of speeding. According to Road Traffic Management Corporation, in 2016, 14071 people died in a car crash in South Africa. In...

Causes of Road Accidents in Malaysia

The Global Status Report on Road Safety published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank in December 2018 reported that Malaysia had 7,152 deaths in 2016, of which 87% were males and 13% females. As you can see, I am here to...

Why Driving Leads to Many Fatal Incidents

“Only the good die young,” is an aphorism that most have heard, but why is it that the leading cause of death in young people is vehicle accidents? The fact of the matter is that teens, for many reasons, are involved in more fatal crashes...

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