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Northwest Arkansas (NWA) has been ranked among the nation’s fastest-growing places in the most recent year, and a conservative estimate shows the region should soon be among the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Combine the growing population with the ever evolving infrastructure and car accident are inevitable. The 2018 Annual Evaluation Report for the Arkansas State Police Highway Safety Office (AHSO) reveals astounding numbers. According to AHSO, Arkansas issued over 17,000 speeding citations in 2018. Unfortunately, there were also 500 traffic related fatalities during the same year. There are many things one can do to avoid a car accident. 

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When a driver takes their eyes off the road and their attention off of their driving, they significantly increase their risk of getting into an accident. In 2017 state Sen. Will Bond, D-Little Rock, sponsored legislation Arkansas SB 374 which was signed into law becoming Act 706. This changed the sentencing structure to mirror DUIs, as to increase the penalty with each offense. Also in 2017, Bond sponsored a failed bill to expand the definition of felony negligent homicide to refer to 'engaging in wireless interactive communication.' 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention distracted driving still causes 9 deaths a day, in the United States. In February of 2019, the University of Arkansas (UA) suffered a grave loss as a result of distracted driving. An eighteen year old freshman lost her life after being stuck by a distracted driver. Capt. Gary Crain with UA police said distracted driving is a problem 'not only on campus, but everywhere people are driving.'

In the aftermath of a car accident an experienced lawyer can make all the difference. The 2018 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps reports that of the 214 driving deaths in Northwest Arkansas, between 2012 and 2016, 63 were alcohol related. Being the victim of a drunk driver can be physically, emotionally and mentaly traumatic. On top of it all are the expenses. Being timely is crucial in any accident where alcohol is suspected to be present. Speaking to a lawyer soon after an accident will ensure an investigation begins in a timely manner. There is a variety of relevant evidence that must be collected, including eyewitness accounts, physical evidence, police reports, and more. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a drunk driver use the Northwest Arkansas Directory to hire a skilled legal expert.

Wrong-way accidents are especially tragic considering these vehicles often end up in head-on collisions. For example, earlier this year a Fayetteville driver had to be extracted from the vehicle after crossing into the wrong lane on Martin Luther King Blvd. Thankfully both drivers suffered non-life threatening injuries. Sadly, a Rogers family suffered a great loss in January of this year. A twenty-six year old mother of two was pronounced dead after her Pontiac was struck head on by a nineteen-year old on acid. The tragedy happened on South 8th Street and West Price Lane in Rogers. Three family members of the deceased were also injured, including a young child. Being the victim of a wrong way accident can have a rippling effect on everyone involved, and the injury claim process can be intimidating. Research the best car accident lawyer using the Northwest Arkansas Directory.

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