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Just Speak To Be Heard

The human voice is the most powerful noise in the world, yet many people feel they are not being listened to. How can the way someone speaks be changed so that he or she can be empowered by their speech? This was the question posed...

How Clothes Can Affect Our Mood

Introduction Next to food and water, clothing our bodies is one of the most important basic needs of any human being. Clothing has been around for at least 100,000 years. Clothing protects us from the cold, from the rain, from the sun and it can...

Fatal Flaw: Self-doubt

The quote ‘Switch your thinking. Banish the problem. Relish the challenge” appears to be an elementary task. However, in my opinion, the task seems deceptive and impossible, due to an intricate challenge of a fatal flaw that has lingered throughout my life: self-doubt. I have...

Religious Images In 'Waiting For Godot'

Beckett plays on the idea of confidence astoundingly here. He requests confidence from everyone and in the last scene he annihilates this confidence. He firmly conveys his message, there is no the great beyond and we are only waiting on this planet for one thing...

Self-Confidence as the First Step to Happiness

Self-confidence is the most engaging quality that a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are if you can’t see it for yourself? But how do we overcome anxiety and fear? It’s just easy to tell ourselves that we just have to...

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