Essay Samples on Festival

Pongal: Traditional Dish as an Offer to Gods

An important event to the Sri Lankan Tamil culture is a two-day, harvest festival called “Pongal”. In Tamil, “Pongal” means “to boil” and it is also the name of the signature dish eaten during the festival that is made out of rice and lentils. When…

Indian Holidays: Diwali and Durga Puja

India is considered to be a spiritual and holy land where several religions are followed and many deities are worshipped. In India, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Jainism are the main religions which are rigorously practiced and followed. The other native Indian religions include Buddhism, Jainism,…

The Symbolization in Mardi Gras Festival

Introduction As mark Twain once said, an American has not seen the united states until he has send mardi gras. This statement might seem like an exaggeration but people from all over the world come and seen this time honored tradition come to life. Mardi…

Globalization Impact on Festival Economy of India

Festivities have got vital place in Indian heritage. Versatile festivals can be seen in different religions or in Hindu itself there are different festivals for different cause. However people used to celebrate all festivals for happy and prosperous. In ancient India people used to celebrate…

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