Holi Festival and Vibrant Celebration of Colors

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Holi is a very vibrant celebration of colors. We have to wait for a whole year. So we can enjoy the festival of color. Although, Holi is fun and joyous. It's also immensely damaging to your skin. The colors are not extracted from flowers but are a combination of toxic chemicals. Which led to allergies and many other problems.

Holi could be way more joyful if we stop using harmful chemical colors. But how do we deal with other people's colors? They are not going to change their mindset. And you can't identify while enjoying the festival which color is natural and which one isn't. A lot of people have an assumption that soap is enough to remove the harmful ingredient from your skin. But that's quite not true. Because not dealing with chemical colors properly will lead to outbursts in hair and skin-related problems.

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Olive oil is not just healthy for eating but also very beneficial for the skin. Before you go out and bash yourself with colors apply a significant amount of oil on your hair. This way you will protect your hair layer from toxic chemicals. Also, it will stop colors to blend with your skin cells and it will become easy to remove the color once you wash your hair. If you find difficulty in getting olive oil on Holi. You can alternatively apply castor or coconut oil.

This may sound not so a good idea. But it is extremely helpful. If you could bare egg yolks on your hair for 30 minutes. Before you rinse your hair with shampoo. This will help in removing any toxic chemicals remaining in your scalp. It will also reduce the damage of hair while shampooing. One night before Holi massages your hair with this magical oil. Mustard oil is very rich in nutritional value. It makes your hair strong against any bacteria or harmful substance. Applying it for just one-hour only will give your hair. A chance to protect itself from damaging colors.

Apply coconut oil on your body before you go out and play Holi. It's an antidote for harmful and permanent colors. Even after playing Holi if there is any part of your body that got vulnerable. Don't worry apply a mixture of wheat flour and coconut oil on the affected area and give a solid massage. Rinse after 30 minutes and you'll get rid of the harmful color. For girls, there is a trick to avoid your nails to get stained of red colors. You can apply a dark thick nail paint before you got to play Holi. This way when using nail paint remover your nails will be the same as they were before.

Apply a good portion of vaseline on your lips and skin before you go out to play Holi. This will prevent your lips to get cracked due to harsh chemicals of colors. Vaseline will keep them moisturized throughout the day. Fuller's earth is a great natural ingredient to gain back your natural skin after the harsh experience. Apply a portion of Multani Mitti with Rosewater and keep it that way for 10-minutes. When you rinse off you'll see the Mitti has soaked all the colors from your face.

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