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Experimenting with Different Art Styles in Personal Life

Self Portrait My self portrait’s medium is a drawing on paper that was a graphite transfer. It is a piece of printer paper with a mold of my head on it. It has a border of green colored paper around it. The border has all...

The Connection Between the Art and Science

There are numerous regions in which we may achieve learning of human expressions and sciences. On many occasions, it is the information from acknowledged traditions, which we gain from and create for more grounded comprehension in what society has acclaimed to. In such, we acclimatize...

Combination of Art Movements in Le Bonheur de Vivre and Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

Henri Matisse’s Bonheur De Vivre and Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon are paintings of the 20th century that depict the female form in two contrastive ways and in doing so broke away from Classical tradition as well as maintaining its influence. The Classical tradition of...

 Music Covers That Express Strong Emotions Through Fauvism and Minimalism

This article examines the covers of two music albums: “Ya Lateef” which was composed by the Syrian artist Majd Al-Hamwi in 2011 in collaboration with other Syrian musicians and vocalists, and which wasn’t released until 2015 (Al Hamwi, 2015)[1] ; the other album is “Turbulence”...

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