Experimenting with Different Art Styles in Personal Life

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Self Portrait

My self portrait’s medium is a drawing on paper that was a graphite transfer. It is a piece of printer paper with a mold of my head on it. It has a border of green colored paper around it. The border has all of my favorite things to do. People that draw/drew self portraits include Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet and a bunch of other talented artists.

High Relief

The high relief peace is impressionism which is an artistic way of showing an experience. The medium of the high relief is a collage. A collage is when you cut out paper from different papers and make it all into one piece, unlike paper cutting. It is a purple piece of paper that has two pieces of blue paper cut into the shapes of waves taped vertically and a purple boat on the inside of the two blue wave pieces. Michelangelo was an artist that created a high relief sculpture,his piece is called the battle of the centaurs.

Landscape Recreations

The landscape I recreated is Thomas Cole’s The Oxbow. The medium I created it in was crayons on paper. The original medium of his painting is oil on canvas. The style of his painting is romanticism, wikipedia says that “Romanticism is a painting or drawing that shows some type of emotion”. Thomas’s painting shows the emotion of love after a storm at the river of Connecticut.

Optical Illusion

The illusion I created is my hand traced on a sheet of paper. My hand has curved line going through it with each line having a different color.Which makes it seem like my hand has all kinds of curves in it. The medium of this picture is a drawing on paper. The style of my drawing is impressionism. Impressionism is when you have a painting that is not just straight angles. It looks like the angles in your drawing are moving and not just staying still. My drawing is impressionism because it has angles that look like they are loving and not just staying still in one place. An artist that has impressionism in his series of are is Claude Monet according to impressionist.net.

Abstract Recreation

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I completed an abstract image of a wolf with all types of colors. The medium of my image is a drawing on paper with crayons. It is a wolf with all types of colors in different places and shapes. The style of this drawing is fauvism which is a way that people show their colorful and poppy work more than showing their emotions. Fauvism is a type of expressionism which is a person showing their emotions. This was created back in January of 2019 when we were going over the abstract portion of the visual arts class. There are alot of people that work with abstract or fauvism. Henri Matisse was an artist who worked with expressionism. He worked on fauvism as well on his picture “ Luxe, Calme et Volupte” according to theartstory.org.


I created a caricature of myself outside. The medium is a drawing on paper. It is a drawing of trees with my body on the left hand side standing on the dirt. The style of this drawing is realism. According to Wikipedia realism is “depicted people of all classes in situations that arise in ordinary life,”. This was created in May of 2019. I created it in the back parking lot of TMSA. “Adolph Von Menzel” used realism in his paintings according to learnodo-newtonic.com.


In November of 2018 I created a “throw up” of my name.Throw up is a type of graffiti. According to graffitocanberra.wordpress.com Throw-up is “two or more colours, and bubble-style lettering.”.It has my name in the middle in what are like bubble letters with lines going around the letters around my name. The medium of this is marker on paper. According to learnodo-newtonic.com, “Lee quinones” is a graffiti artist that did street art on the streets of New York.

Iphone Cubism

In December of 2018, I drew an iphone and added the art of cubism to it. Cubisim is where you have an object that is made up of all kinds of different shapes and lines. The iphone has abunch of different shapes on the inside of it with different colors. The medium of this work is a drawing on paper, colored with crayons. Pablo Picasso is an example of an artist who used cubism in his work. According to https://modernism-literature-movement.weebly.com/girl-with-a-mandolin—pablo-picasso.html, Pablo used cubism to create his “painting Girl With Mandolin”.

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