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Analysis of the European Orient Perception of Indian Society

Edward Said, whose ideas are fundamental to discourse pertaining to Orientalism, argues that the Orient, itself, is a man-made construct that does not simply ‘exist. Rather, it is a Western (essentially British and French) cultural enterprise. “As much as the West itself, the Orient is...

Orientalism and Western depictions of the East and Africa

Edward Said has been celebrated for his most influential piece of work, Orientalism, where he makes us aware of the orient, and how the orient is a political construct which has more to do with how the West depict themselves, and how they depict the...

The Beauty of Orientalism in European Clothing

Clothing, as a necessity in daily life, is always changing with the progress of time. Modern clothes are much simpler than the haute couture from and complicated court wear ‘The Edwardian Era’ 200 years ago, but the little details on clothes can still be hints...

The American Orientalism and Its Slow Intervention in the American Culture

Orientalism is a mighty envisioned that can be depicted in various ways. In any case, 'orientalism' can be seen as a conviction structure, an outline of inclinations that supports a suspicion European control over the East and along these lines point of fact or unequivocally...

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