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The Process of Creation of Logos in Graphic Design

The graphic design pathway project revolves around the creation and rebranding of an existing business’ logo. Firstly, a research study was done various aspects and areas in graphic design, throughout the study a research book was compiled. In chapter one of my studies I explored...

The Learning Software for Graphic Design Studies

There are many pieces of design software that work with artificial intelligence and the machine learning method. In this section, four graphic design programs using these methods are examined. These are logo design, image processing, page design and web design programs. Logojoyis a website founded...

Green Graphic Designers and Sustainability

By ignoring the negative impact of paper manufacturing systems, designers are supporting paper which is the fourth largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. However, many are unaware that the environmental impacts of graphic design are closely tied to the paper and printing industry. Paper distribution...

Graphic Design as a Proffesion as per Kyle Gibson

Kyle Gibson is the owner and creator of a graphic design creative studio called “KG Collective,” based in Goodrich, Michigan. His company provides many different services to its clients, including branding, design, interactive images, and motion animation. He started his company from scratch while he...

The Birth of Digitalised Graphic Design

As technology moves forward and the graphic design method and process integrates into computers, artificial intelligence (AI) applications will inescapably enter the design industry. In this moment in time, graphic design activities are carried out in various fields without the need of graphic designers, such...

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