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A Method of Self-Centered Self-Expression: Selfie

The way of self-expression have profoundly transformed due to advancement of digital technology. In this media environment, to speak is to update a status, post pictures and tweet to social networking sites. These practices of self-expression offer new ways of communicating the self and connecting...

Selfie as the Modernised Version of Self-Portrait

In Chapter 1 of How to See the World, (2015) Nicholas Mirzoeff asserts that the ‘selfie’, ‘resonates not because it is new, but because it expresses, develops, expands and intensifies the long history of the self-portrait.’ Referring to at least two visual examples used by...

Selfie: Merge of Photo Technology and Social Media Platforms

In the 1990s, the emergence of new technologies such as digital cameras led to the revolution of photography (Lim, 2016). When smart devices with front-facing cameras were introduced to the world, a new trend of taking ‘selfies’ became an important cultural phenomenon. A selfie is...

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