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Art Research Paper on the Metropolitan Art Museum

The museum that I visited for this research study was the Metropolitan Museum. The exhibition that I chose to view for this study was 'Epic Abstraction: Pollock to Herrera,’ which was an ongoing exhibition that opened on 17th December 2018. The exhibition was on the...

Art Experience: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the world’s most prestigious art museums. It all started in 1866 in Paris, France. People from all over the world, especially Americans, wanted to begin a 'national institution and gallery of art' to allow people to view...

Asian and Greek Art Exhibitions in Metropolitan Art Museum

Art as we know of it today would have not been the same if it weren’t for the artists, techniques, and materials that were developed in history that would transpire and influence the world of art. There were two particular eras in history that massively...

King Sahure and a Nome God: A Depiction of Divine Kingship and the Afterlife

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, there is a sizeable collection of ancient Egyptian art. There are many sculptures, statues, pieces of pottery, and paintings that capture and convey the unique, spiritual culture of the time period. One piece in particular,...

An Armenia At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

A large banner titled Armenia! currently hanging on the entrance wall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art would be hard to miss if you’re in New York these couple of months. With the launch of its fall exhibition season, the Metropolitan Museum of Art opens...

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