Drawing for Architecture: A Key to Understanding Complex Designs

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Architecture the word from Latin is called “architectura” originally from the Greek “arkhitekton”. Architectural drawing has never been taken for granted. All things we design and sketch are from our thinking to our hands. Therefore, drawings are the main development to architectural projects. When designing, our drawings act as a very important role that showing out the ideation and conceptual between the complexity of design, making it possible to work with our ideas, and use drawing to present and clarify them.

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The evolving role of drawing for architecture today are showing the essence of architecture when designing in order to speak out the idea from images or drawing allowing to the representation of the project idea itself and also representing the understanding in a certain idea. In creating and the process of an architectural project, drawing will become an important role. In this moment, drawing makes it visible and defines its structural system, use of material, and construction and consciously leads us to improve and the method of the lack part. In this century, drawing are not just by using a pencil or physical draw out also can be drawn by digitalize by using different apps according to purpose.

Without a doubt, the majority of people might thought that architectural drawing can only be defined as technical drawing only. In fact, technical drawing is the composing drawing that are able to communicate how does a certain thing function or is constructed as well as the intended meaning. The architecture field have many types of drawing such as drafting, “Axonometric”, “Isometric”, “Perspective Drawing”, sketches, geometric, working/technical drawing and so on which will be use in different purpose and show different perspective. 'Sketching' generally means freehand drawing which is commonly used in the early stage of designing a project to show ideas. In order to proceed with the project, the design will be finalized from the sketches from early stage until the last of the sketches which contain the aspect of the various conception and ideas.

On the other hand, the tools of producing the architectural drawing used technical pens only? Definitely, not just technical pens will be used in architectural drawing. The technical pen is a pen specialized made for instruments used to either architects or engineers. In order to achieve a professional architecture drawing, not only technical pens are allowed. Artline also is one of the pens that are able to use other than technical pens instead and its way more affordable. Architecture Drawing will be use various types of tools even pens as well. Various types of pens will be used depending on user or the type of drawing.

In conclusion, drawing means to draw out the idea and the concept in a graphic way, to materialize our ideas through from all the drawings that cause the importance of the drawing and the drawings are also shows the details parts to parts. No doubt that drawing is able to give people an easy understanding deeper. Nowadays, people commonly used cad drawing from(Autocad) or Revit to draw their plans, elevation, section, and details which will be easier and faster also digitalization are able to do changes compared to the pass that draws by hand. Computer digital drawing software that specialized for architecture keeps getting advanced which is highly demanded in the market as well. It shows the roles of drawing for architecture industries are very important and useful and that cannot be replaced. Even though technology now are advanced, the uniqueness of hand-drawn or digital are still maintains the characteristic of drawing in architecture and consistently consider as important role.

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