Graphic Design and the Factors That Influence the Work Process

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I always wanted to be a graphic designer since my freshman year when I took a course on it and i really enjoyed it. My work style fits this career in many ways. I would envision myself in working in my own company or work in a big company helping my clients with revamping their new brand and turning that brand into a reality. I always design everyday at home, i make money and making art and logos to an upcoming company that is starting or a company or a company that need to modernize their brand. It may be a potential career path because i already do this at home and already making good progress by practicing everyday while making some money. In 10 years, i want to illustrate or design my own video game or work with adidas. They have one of the best creative team in the industry. Also designing would not get boring over time because You can't cut and paste good design, you'll be preparing unique things on a daily basis. Graphic Design, is more than just sitting down in the computer all day and play with photoshop, it's about creativity and business. Understanding of the basics of a detailed, good design means that you will look at everything differently. From posters advertisements, musical artist cover art, buildings and more. You use and see it every day. Designers are creative and you'll find yourself thinking designs are really simple and thinking you are able to do it by yourself. I was not a big fan of art. I thought art was boring and a waste of time. But actually it is everywhere. I was not good at it either. When there is a project at school, i would do all the writing and let someone else do the drawing. I was in my room when i came across graphic design. Instead of drawing i can use photoshop to make my own art with my own ideas without having to use a pencil and paper. What inspired me to work on graphic design is, I saw how advertisements work at an adidas outlet and i just love the aesthetic of the look. I can see how it brings attention to be people and how the brand style is just by looking at it. I mostly spend on my computer everyday, i stopped playing video games, instead of playing video games for my free time, i open photoshop and i practice on it for 3 hours. My parents doesnt understand and thinks its not a real job or career. I told my parents that i want to use my design skills to help companies and small businesses to communicate to their own customers and further their future of their brand. They still did not get it but they for sure had an idea. I then took a graphic design class my freshman year. It was definitely one of my favorite classes off all time. They have better computers than the one i have home. I also learned a bunch of material that i did not know i can do in photoshop. My parents then said at least it's better than playing video games.

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Graphic design is typically more than just a solo effort. Not only do you have to work with clients and employers, but you may also need to collaborate with art directors, advertising managers, copywriters, and other designers. Also illustration is also hard. It involves lots of detail since it is basically drawing and it is one of my weaknesses but if i practice at home, i can get an idea before i can go to college. Creating a apparel brand is also something i wanted to do. Graphic Design will help me a lot in creating t shirts,sweaters, and more. Also if your artwork becomes relevant, Your design will be live and out there in the world, with hundreds of people seeing it, using it and interacting with it every day. There is a lot of good things about graphic design. Design as a discipline never stands still, and there are lots of different roles you could choose from, including illustrator, web designer and photographer. To be a graphic designer you will need at least an associates degree or a certificate in graphic design to at least qualify for an assistant job or technical support. ( Some schools may only accept students who at least accepts students who at least completed one year of an art or design course, such as drawing or interior or web design. ( Some also require a portfolio or copies of artwork you have done. You will also need the basics of programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. ( Getting a job field in this career is quite easy to find. According to the BLS, the designing field is expected to grow by 61 percent by 2020. (Harrington College). Advertising and public relations field is expected to increase by 17 percent. (Harrington College). Senior graphic designers or more experienced graphic designers will be more competitive to get in a position in big companies.

Companies only want the best work for their brand to succeed, which is a great opportunity for those people who wanna be the best artist. Graphic designers usually work regular business hours, but require to work evenings and weekends to meet deadlines. ( They usually work in offices or studios, but may also work from home or travel locally to work with clients that may be stressful due to deadlines. ( You do not want to miss your deadline date because it determines how you work as a person. You want your client to be comfortable and confident that the work will be done on time. This will impact your business and your future. Your responsibility is to make the best work for your client and help build their identity or brand.( Weather it is making a logo or creating advertisements for them everyone in the world is going to look at it. Graphic designers usually work in their offices. You can work at home also if you are a freelance graphic designer, which means you are working for yourself and not a studios. ( Sometimes your client will want the work done in a specific day, so it is not a good idea to procrastinate. You can work with a partner to get work done quickly if you are busy with another clients work. You will get at least $200-$300 a day if you are a freelance designer. ( Some related occupations is an illustrator. Illustrators draw and sketches their ideas using a tablet, or a sketch pad. Both graphic design and illustration includes art and can be viewed all around the world. Also programs like adobe illustrator is the most popular software for illustrators. It is also the program that you use to design logos. Digital painting is also used with this application. The main difference with illustrators is its more of free hand work than just using plain text for your design. Illustrators sometimes also do design work and are able to excel in both fields. An illustrator might be a great designer, but will not work as hard as a graphic designer. An illustrator creates a picture, and a graphic designer decides how the picture will be used in the layout. Illustration is special for its hard amazing work is published media such as magazines, books, posters, animations, teaching materials, flyers, video games, and films. You can be creating characters from a video game and design it how you would like it to look. The other thing is the focus of the attention, and the illustration's role is to add personality and character without competing with that other thing. (

Also, Illustrators and designers use similar tools and have similar skills and training. Most illustrators are competent designers and most designers are competent illustrators. There's a lot of overlap between the two disciplines. There is a lot of personalities in design that are different in style, such as modern,old school, grunge, and more. People can be very unique and different about their designs, colors can change the mood of certain designs. Working for a big company, like adidas, can be really hard to get into. It requires you to design and develop creative solutions to concepts within the assigned category or specialty area or project. ( You will have to work with other people and collab with them. You will need to move together as a team. Most work in adidas is always teamwork and collaborations, so if you like to work yourself this is not the job to do. ( You will also need to use a mac operating systems. Adobe Photoshop and illustrator is a must for this job, you will need to have experience with these softwares. The average yearly salary for this job is $30K-$40K depending on experience, you will get paid more. You will mostly work 30-40 hours a week. ( Their family or leave policies is that you would have to notify them 1 day before you leave. Someone in the studio can fill in, or finish what you are working on. ( You can also work at home when you are sick, you will still get paid if you let them know. You will need at least an associates degree or higher for this job. This job requires some traveling since the corporation in is different location. This job is located in Germany so you do need to travel there, but you can work from home. You will also need 6 years of experience as adidas only want the more experienced and the more creative. This job is probably one of the most creative and involves lots of art. You will be known from across the world if your artwork is big and eye catching. You will learn and experience new ideas, and innovation across graphic design. I really enjoy the idea of this career and i hope i will still be interested to do it.

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