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Visual Verbal Essay on Wilfred Owen and Franz Marc

This essay explores two artists, Franz Marc, Brett Whitely and two of their artworks depicting animal scenes. Franz Marc’s ‘Tiger’, ‘Blue Horse 1’ and Brett Whitley’s Giraffe and Hyena. These four artworks will be compared and contrasted using the structural and the subjective frame. In...

Passionate Pursuit: Being Passionate About Art

Different pieces of artwork inspire people all around the world. Artists use a wide variety of techniques to make their work unique. While creating new pieces of art, it is common to look at other artists’ work for inspiration. While evaluating their artwork you can...

Analysis of The Abstract Work of Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky known as the “father of abstract art” created paintings where inspiration and imagination ultimately formed the painting itself. He used colour to represent a spirituality influenced hugely by music. However, it was after being exposed to Monet’s “haystacks” and its use of colour...

The Messages Maya Lin Carries in Her Artwork

Maya Lin is an imaginative and artistic American architect and sculptures who is best known for her memorials. She is recognized for going through the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War. Her best-known work is the formation of the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C....

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