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Breaking the Shell of Traditional Art with Two Fridas

Dadaism, known as one of the first art movements to reject 'art', going up against the culture, that had allowed for the destruction of World War 1. With Dadaism art could be created from anything and the concept behind the art work is more important...

Self Portraits and the Evolution of Selfies as Seen on Two Fridas

In this paper, the theme of the presentation of self and female self-portraiture is being studied and evaluated along with certain works of art. The first work to compare is Judith Leyster's, Self Portrait which is a Dutch Baroque painting created in 1630 with oil...

The Revolutionary Techniques of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo, born in 1907, was a Mexican artist famous for her self portraits. She explored themes of post-colonialism, race, identity and class in the twentieth century Mexican society. Although often described as a surrealist, she rejected this title, declaring, ‘I never painted dreams. I...

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