Passionate Pursuit: Being Passionate About Art

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Different pieces of artwork inspire people all around the world. Artists use a wide variety of techniques to make their work unique. While creating new pieces of art, it is common to look at other artists' work for inspiration. While evaluating their artwork you can look at the context, content, composition, form, process, mood and how the art influences your work. I studied “Passionate Pursuit” by Helena Rose for this assignment. I looked at different elements of the painting to give me ideas for my work.

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First, I looked at the context of the painting. This piece was produced by Helena Rose August 27th 2010. Around the time this painting was made, colorful bold paintings were in style. The content of this painting is a girl with very vibrant emotions. The artist exaggerated the womens hair as flowers and butterflies. This was most likely done to draw the viewer's attention to the hair. The artist is not trying to show a particular message. Finally, The hair being exaggerated makes this piece abstract. 

Next, I evaluated the composition of the artwork. The background is plain green, probably because the image itself is very exaggerated. The images in the painting are overlapped and cluttered besides the womens face. The focus of the image is the women's colorful hair. The colorful flowers and butterflies bring out the women face in the image. Then, I looked at the form of the image. I considered what it looks and feels like. The artist uses very bright colors to make the image stick out. In the image, you can see the flowers and leave shapes. The surface of the artwork is smooth but the textures are rough and soft. The composition and form of this piece really make it unique.

Finally, I looked at the process in which this painting was made. I can tell this artist used acrylic paint while making this painting. Small, pointed paint brushes were used to create the small details in the picture. The process that the painting was made with helps create the mood. In this painting the mood is thoughtful and excited. All the different images give you something to think about when you look at the picture. The wide variety of colors makes the mood feel exciting. The different aspects of this painting helped inspire me to create my artwork. Looking at all my observations I can use them to make my own version of an exciting painting. I can take tips I learned through this painting and put them in my own. 

All in all, After studying “Passionate Pursuit” by Helena Rose I am inspired to create my own artwork. Using different techniques, like looking at context, content, composition, process, form, and mood, can give you tips and tricks in creating artwork.

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