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Building Capacity: Improving Your Skills

On behalf of Access Community Services Limited, which is one of Australia’s foremost multinational, Non- Governmental Organizations and has more than thirty years of experience in the provision of employment, training, youth support services, opportunities for migrants and refugees, and empowerment of the women as...

An Interview Of The Person From Another Culture

For this Culture Interview project, I interviewed a 43-year-old co-worker (not named to respect her wishes) who lived in China for fifteen years; however, she now currently living here in America. Examples of Norms Norms are rules developed for appropriate behavior based on specific values...

Skills Crucial To Secure Success In The Workforce

Skills for Success A In 2018 the number of higher education students reached a record high with almost a staggering quarter of a million people studying in third level education in Ireland. O’Brien stated that Ireland has ‘the highest proportion of school-leavers progressing to higher...

Attracting Happiness: Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

“No such thing as a life that is better than yours.” From J.Cole’s song, “Love Yourz”, my interpretation of this lyric is that each individual is faced with their own adversities in life. Every effort made to overcome these adversities is your pursuit towards happiness....

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