Essay Samples on Self Defence

The Absolutist Moral Principle of Pacifism

Extreme or absolutist views of pacifism advocate for the complete rejection of violence and war and perpetuate the view that under no circumstances can these be morally justified; this obviously includes cases of self-defence as well as defence of others. This form of moral thought...

Benefits of Martial Arts Classes for Mind and Body

Martial arts are systems of codified practices and traditions of training. Though studied for various reasons, broadly speaking, they share a single objective: to defend oneself from physical or mental threat. Traditionally speaking Martial Arts is common within the countries of the Four Asian Tigers....

Analysis Of Various Viewpoints Of Metaethics

Metaethics is defined as “a second- order philosophical inquiry that investigates the nature, meaning, and justification of ethical statements. ” (Pacillo 1). A first world inquiry would make direct statements about the world whereas second order inquiries make claims about first order statements. A good...

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