Arguments For and Against CCW in Schools as Means of Self Protection

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In the last couple of years there have been quite a number of shooting accidents in schools. Some law courts have proposed an idea of a legislation which will allow students and school’s employees to carry conventional weapons for self-defense (Jang et al 2014). Though the debate over allowing carrying concealed weapons (further CCW) on campus still goes on among politicians, many people, who are mostly being affected do not have a say.

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Some people view CCW as crucial for freedom and safety, whereas the other side finds it unnecessary, dangerous and thinks that guns are “the instruments of violence” (Birnbaum 2012). In the USA there are approximately 300,000,000 guns carried by civilians, which is much more than in any other country in the world (Birnbaum 2012).


The US school campuses are continuously becoming more unsafe and both students and staff are at risk of getting injured. This is why some people believe that CCW should be allowed for their own defence. There will be less of a chance that a criminal will use their gun if they know that the target and those around them will also be armed and able to protect themselves (Birnbaum 2012). There were around 12 recorded occasions, between 2005-2008, of students using CW for self-defence (Birnbaum 2012). Specifically, allowing CCW applies to college campuses as they have open-air areas and little or no security. There is no alternative of setting up a gun-free zone. The words ‘no guns allowed’ just shows the criminals that there are no weapons for defense. Gun ownership is the only way to protect schools from offenders, as it is beyond the bounds of possibility to prevent criminals from using weapons to threaten someone else’s life or rights (Birnbaum 2012).


Continuous findings have demonstrated the links between “substance abuse” and crime and CCW on campuses across various ages (Jang et al 2014). As an example, Forrest et al (2000) spotted uplifted levels of using drugs and drinking alcohol and more physical fighting among those who appeared CCW to school. Likewise, Wilcox & Clayton (2001) and Melde et al (2009) separately brought to light that there was a notable definite connection between CCW and offensive ways of behaving. Correlations between “substance abuse”, crimes and CCW identified among teenagers seem to stand alike amidst scholars. According to Carr (2007), among undergraduates, “offenders were perceived by their victims to be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol in 41 per cent of all violent campus crimes”. Miller et al (2002) as well discovered that those who were CCW at college were more expected to participate in crimes and abusive behaviour, for example, doing drugs. Comparably, the research (Presley et al, 1997) has shown that students who CCW displayed more notable volumes of alcohol consumption and “substance abuse”.


The matter of CCW on college campuses remains intense and contentious, highly controversial and debated (Jang et all 2014). Each school has to have the duty of controlling policies and rules that would best encourage both education and protection. “Allowing students and faculty to carry guns, contrary to the wishes of institutional trustees, could make campus security a matter determined by untrained individuals who have no legal responsibility for it.” (Birnbaum 2012). “Gun advocates insist that [the law] will make campuses safer by discouraging mass killers and giving students the ability to fight back. Gun control proponents warn the law will lead to more lethal violence. Both sides are probably wrong.... As a professor, I’d feel safer if guns were not permitted on campus.... But there is little evidence to support my gut feeling” (Winkler, 2011b).

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