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Being a Multitasker: The Fascinating Human Attention

First, the video explains what attention is. The attention is the brain’s ability to take in an important information from the world. According to the video, we can only focus on one thing at once, and our brain prioritizes to take in a most important...

Multitasking and How It Influences the Productivity of Students

According to Burak, L. (2012) in her article about multitasking in the university classroom, students engage in using mobile phones while inside the classroom in which research evidences indicates poorer learning to poorer performance. Based on the study “Developing Your Classroom Presence” by Henik, S....

The Damage of Multitasking: Time Management Strategies for College Students

In the article, Time Management Tips for Busy College Students, Purdue University Global (2018) states that time is a limited resource. Balancing our responsibilities at home, in school, and to other social activities that we are assigned to is not easy. Regardless of our case,...

The Impact of Digital Reading and Technology on Learning and Multitasking

The author describes many impacts and one of them is that because of digital reading, Browsing and scanning becomes the principle in reading. One advantage to the companies is that they don’t need to print in papers and it is also environmental healthy for you...

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