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"Adversity Has The Effect Of Eliciting Talents": Analysis of the Quote

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“Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents in which prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant”. -Horace. Explain this quote by Horace connects to Douglass. Use textual evidence and inference to speculate how hardship or hindered the success of Fredrick Douglass. In the quote, the poet...

Overcoming Adversity in the Children of Lesser God

There was a couple on a date at a restaurant looking through the menu. The waiter came to take their order and asked the woman what she would like. The puzzled woman looked at her date confused of what the waiter was saying. He used...

Theme of Adversity in the Novel Glass Castle

Adversity is something that everyone deals with on a daily basis. Whether it be at home, school or work, struggles are all around us. It is these daily hardships we all deal with that will ultimately define who we are as a people. Adversity makes...

Properly Dealing with Adversity to Meet Challenges Life Throws at You with Resilience

“I never lose. I either win or learn.'' These words that Nelson Mandela said should be true for everyone. He suggests that we shouldn’t view adversity as a bad thing but instead view it as an opportunity. If we view adversity as an opportunity then...

Overcoming Adversity: A Challenge That Makes You Grow as a Person

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Adversity is life’s hardships or misfortunes. Almost everyone will face adversity several times in their lives. It will either bring the best out of you or the worst. It is up to us to decide that. There are different types of adversity, such as financial...

Adversity, a Harsh Path Towards Personal Development

While adversity is never longed for by anyone, perseverance during pain or a trial will result in personal development. The famous Roman poet Horace phrased this idea as, “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.” Examples of...

The Importance of Facing Adversity and Using It as an Opportunity to Grow

There is adversity and challenge in life. The question isn’t whether you are faced with adversity or not. You’re going to meet adversity but how are you going to face it? Take all the energy you want to use towards giving up and divert it...

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