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Strategies to Solve Speaking Problems Among Students

This article discusses primary issues of teaching and learning speaking basically in intermediate level of English classes. Such problems as shyness, inhibition, lack of time and environment to practice speaking were indentified with the help of surveys conducted among 140 students. However challenging the educating...

Impact of Parenting Style on Shyness and Self Efficacy

Introduction Shyness is the caution and anxiety that individuals felt in face of novel social situations/objects or social evaluation, mainly for the avoidance of conflicts in the context (Rubin, Coplan, & Bowker, 2009). Shyness has been defined as a tendency to feel anxious and to...

Cognitive and Behavioural Evaluation of the Psychology of Shyness

The personality trait of shyness can be analyzed from the biological, cognitive and behavioural perspectives of psychology. I perceive my fear of social interactions to be problematic because I find making friends and public speaking challenging. From the biological perspective, the theorist Charles Darwin believed...

Nature or Nurture: Attribution to Shyness

Children and youth as individuals grow and develop differently based on various factors and implications that make them who they are. In discussing the age old debate of nature versus nurture, it is our goal to provide factual information that provides to the understanding of...

An Independent Report on Life-Changing Events

Who am I? Can any person tell me who am I just from my name? Can person tell me from reading a background check on my life, what kind of woman I’m going to develop into? I can be a scientist, lawyer, cartoonist, actress or...

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